Well, you’ve found me in China…


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…Or have I found myself in China? Too early to say is my best guess. Everybody back home assured me that I would return a completely different person, but that is really something that can be judged by others, not myself. Well, the jury’s still out on that, seeing as how I’m STILL half the world away from everybody that matters, and STILL loving every minute of it.

China is a different world. One always hears this talk of ‘bubbles’. The ‘Calabasas bubble’, the ‘Irvine Bubble’ the ‘OC bubble’, etc. America is sealed up in its own steel-reinforced concrete, knowledge-proof, empathy-proof, Hitler-style bunker of a bubble, cut off from everything which it does not understand. Which in turn prevents Americans from understanding anything. And people wonder why we are slipping down that precipitous slope of bygone world superpowers. I was always taught that China is a country rife with insurmountable problems, oft compared to Nigeria and Russia and especially North Korea, along with other countries which were in turn ruled out as rife with suffering and tyrannical governments that care of nothing other than lining their pockets at the expense of their civilians (read: Kim Jong-Il). The only positive light shed on China was its burgeoning economy, which was then quickly caveated by the dangers of such rapid growth that are surely going to bring the country down to an even lower level than before. I was always taught that the Chinese themselves are a cold people, looking out only for themselves, often at the expense of others. Their culture was one based on respect and duty to one’s elders, at the expense of (if not completely devoid of) any love and warmth.  In my humble opinion, given my relatively short period of firsthand exposure to the people, I am going to have to call a nice, resounding BULLSHIT on most of this (elaboration on this later).

But that’s more than enough for the rhetoric. I completely digress–this is not meant to be a political blog, because honestly, who logs on to some blog site to read some nobody’s political rants? This is exactly the reason which (as some of you may know[Claudia]) I tend to go on those overzealous Justinrants (c) (All Rights Reserved, mind you) against bloggers who preach to the world in that holier-than-thou tone. No.  Body. Cares. (NOW that’s enough for the rhetoric.)Which is why, aside from this post, the following will mostly be about logging whatever I did and will be doing in China, plus the odd rambling mental diarrhea that sometimes strikes me like real diarrhea strikes Scott (whose stomach is showing him who’s boss) as we speak I write.)  I’ll throw up the corresponding photos of whatever I’m writing about for you (if there is a ‘you’) to glance at, which will save you the trouble of crawling through my flickr account, which is getting mighty bloated, believe me I know. I took the pictures and I loathe wading through them. Not gonna lie, this blog is mainly for me to remember what I did here, because I have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s, but if you’re willing and able to follow it, more power to you.


One Response to “Well, you’ve found me in China…”

  1. Rereading from the beginning. Amazing. Combines the thrift of Hemmingway with the cynicism of Palahniuk. Rock on!

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