Out with the Crappy, In with the Awesome

I am currently spending the first night in the new place.


3 Responses to “Out with the Crappy, In with the Awesome”

  1. Er Tze-

    You found time to blog about me, but you forgot my birthday! You owe me 10 yards of Chinese silk for that misdemeanor!

    • foundmeinchina Says:

      I woke up this morning, looked at the date, and realized that I did, in fact, fail as a son. I have diu’ed so much lian. Sorry moms. I’ll get you some silk, but I’ve got a better proposal: how about you get your butt over here with Jim (Kim can come if she’s not too cool) and I will take you to The Silk Market, where you can buy till the money coffers run dry. I think you’d love China–the bargaining, the food (although you will get fat as hell, trust me. Between the MSG and the lard–even the water has lard–it’s hard not to), the history, the sights, blah blah, it goes on and on. Please visit–it’d be a pleasure.


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