Settling In…

So far, the new place is pretty cool. It definitely needed a lot of cleaning to bring it up to the bare minimum  of American standards of cleanliness. It’s amazing how much we take for granted in America things like not having piles of dirt in the corners of our rooms, or years of hair collecting in every crevice of the bathroom. Attention to cleanliness is simply not a priority here. It’s all good though–our landlord loves us because of it. He walked in to collect rent a few days after we signed the contract and I am pretty sure he pooped himself a bit. We also got three two extra roommates–they’re pretty cool, pretty quiet, but they’re total freeloaders. No they’re not Chinese slaves, they’re KITTENS. Our little buddies Kao-chuanr and Ge-menr have quickly become the most popular roommates in our apartment. The third was a turtle given to us by the aforementioned weird girl Lucy, but he looked miserable and was constantly tortured by the cats, so we let him go in the park downstairs. That, and he was just plain boring as hell.

We got the kittens from this outdoor pet market that would make PETA cry. Hordes of adorably pathetic, half dead dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles–anything you would want to make a pet–were all crammed into cardboard boxes or tiny little cages. Each pet container had a Chinese salesperson standing over it smacking the animals’s cages (or their heads, depending) with a gatorade bottle full of stones. I’m not quite sure what the point of this was, because it just made the animals look more dejected and pathetic. If anything, it encouraged sales because people wanted to rescue the poor animals from their assholes salesmen.

In any case, we ended up picking up the two healthiest kittens and got the hell outta there. Photos to come.


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