Photos and Snow

I am importing my 6000+ photos into Lightroom right now, so I thought it’d be a perfect time to throw down a little update on the recent goings-on out here.

It has snowed more in the past two weeks that it usually does during the whole winter season. The first snow of the season was actually the end product of a screw up by the Commie government. Everybody knows how the Chinese can control the weather (and thus, as some people believe, the world)–they used the technology to ensure beautiful weather for the Olympics. This time around, they planned to induce rainstorms in order to foster growth in this year’s wheat crop to make sure that there is enough food for the coming year. Despite the tens-of-thousands-strong bureaucracy, nobody managed to predict the cold front that was racing in during the scheduled rain. Thus, instead of some much-needed liquid water to quench the thirsty soon-to-be-mianbao crops, the fields all got a lot of gorgeous, but deadly snow which ended up killing off a lot of the wheat. Fail.

As far as I care though, it means that things are cold and slippery. Makes for an interesting walk to school every morning.


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