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My Second Visit to the Coldest Place in China

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I was thinking about it as I was on the train coming back from Haerbin last night, that had I not extended my stay here in China for another six months, I would be going home in about two weeks. And I would be going home feeling like I did by no means take full advantage of my stay here. I am so glad that I made the decision to extend my stay in China.

Haerbin was the second major trip I have taken since living in Beijing, the other being to Henan, which you can read about a few posts down if you haven’t already. Other than these past two trips, I spend the majority of my time either in class or at home. As I write this, I am making a promise to myself to get out and explore the city more, if not the country. Travel is somewhat difficult because of my lack of an income, which is somewhat of a pain, but I will figure out a way to circumvent that obstacle. Still, Beijing is the capital of China. It has so much to see, so much to photograph, so many people to meet, and even though I have been here for almost five months, i have barely scratched the surface. The unfortunate thing is that most of the people I come into contact with at school have little to no interest in doing anything else besides drinking and creeping on unsuspecting Chinese girls at clubs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sauce, but only the good stuff. If anybody can find me a brew that doesn’t taste like migrant worker sweat, I don’t know what I’d do.

Actually, there are a few places that have imported microbrews, but they are prohibitively expensive. Well, maybe not prohibitively, but anything more than occasional imbibing of those delicious bottles of America libation pretty much nixes my travel budget. I even contemplated setting up a homebrew, but it is so impractical in China due to the lack of ingredients, space, and quite frankly sanitation. Even if I can find some quality barley and a carboy and brewing yeast, it would be so difficult to keep the set up sanitized that it is simply not worth it. So time after time I find myself heading back to Kro’s Nest or Tube Station Bistro, with their $3.00 longnecks of nostalgia, to enjoy a little taste of home.

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Midterms are done. Three As, one high B+. Win.