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Dealing with the Homesickness

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Let’s face it–there’s only so many times that I can eat 宫爆鸡丁(or as Panda Express and us 洋鬼子,or foreign devils, like to call Kungpao Chicken) before wanting to fly to America for a damn cheeseburger. The Chinese have so many “Best Hamburger in China” hostels and 老外-owned restaurants, but they STILL have that Chinese flavor. Ugh. Seeing as how it’s not possible to fly back home to America, or to have Carl’s Jr. send over a weekly care package of Six-Dollar Burgers, we have taken to bringing America to our stomachs.

The most recent addition to the battle against our nostalgia was a collaboration between me and Bob–I did the cooking, and Bob did the taste-testing.
Onion Rings

These were at least as delicious as they looked. It also amazes me the profit margin on onion rings. Those towers of onion rings at Red Robin are somewhere between $8-$11USD if I remember correctly, and it is less than half an onion, with some batter and oil. In fact, we were talking about opening up a restaurant that catered to every type of American food for the homesick. Texas BBQ, onion rings, GOOD hamburgers and steaks, hot dogs, and mint chocolate ice cream.

Ah, the musings of the drunk.


Paris Pt. 2

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Which really starts at Versailles!

Quick sidenote: I know it’s been exorbitantly longer than I said it would take me to finish the second half of my Paris trip. I’m sorry about that. Sometimes I just, you know, get very very lazy. Sue me.

Between the gin and tonics and The Offspring, I’m sure the wheels of writing have been sufficiently greased to grind this entry out. (Notice that alliteration–I have just proved my aforementioned point!)

Anyway, let’s get this over with.

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