You can NEVER win them all.

I just received a phone call from the BNU International Student Office asking if I would like to attend the 2010 U.S.–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) (中美战略与经济对话). Hillary Clinton and Timothy Geithner will be meeting with the Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo (戴秉国) and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan (王岐山). Obviously, this is a high-level dialogue between some of the most important people in two of the most powerful countries on the planet, which was started to discuss myriad political, social, and economic issues on both the global and regional scales, issues that affect both countries. This is something that I have been loosely following for a while now.

The only problem is that I am going to be in Yunnan during the talks. My Dad and Isbelia are flying out to Beijing in a few days and taking me to Yunnan to celebrate my birthday. I have been looking forward to this Yunnan trip for so long, and it bothers me that it bothers so much that I’m going to miss the talks. I get back to Beijing on the 29th, while the talks are going to be held on the 24th and 25th.

Dad, don’t worry, I’m not backing out, and I’m by no means not appreciative of this trip, it’s just kind of a kick in the balls. Mostly because right after I declined their invitation, Scott gets a call asking if he would like to participate. I guess the best I can do is explain to Scott what the hell the S&ED is so he might be able to take some coherent notes or even ask a relevant question or two.

O, me of little faith.


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