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The Final Paper for My Independent Study in Beijing

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As part of my Spring semester at BNU, I opted out of taking the class focusing on newspaper reading (which I probably should have taken as it is very useful but a complete drag in terms of the workload) and decided to do an independent study paper. I decided to focus on China’s economic rise. The paper is fairly informal, as I was given a lot of leeway from my advisor, who simply wanted us to show her that I had researched and learned something, but it did provide me with a great foundation of working knowledge regarding China and its economy, as well as US-Sino relations. It also proved to me that my interest in China has not waned; while writing the paper, even though I left it to the last few days before the deadline, I found myself researching because I enjoyed learning, not because I wanted to get the paper done. To me, this revelation meant more than the grade. This paper is a healthy ten pages double-spaced, so feel free to skim.

Grade Received: A

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Easiest Panoramas Ever.

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This is a shot of the tile art at 建国门 (Jian4guo2men2) subway stop on Beijing’s Line 2.
I wish I used my phone to take panoramas in Yunnan instead of my DSLR. The software on the phone stitches panoramas SO MUCH better than anything I’ve found on the computer thus far (that isn’t really expensive). Oh well–gives me an excuse to head back to Yunnan. Speaking of which, I will try and get thos photos up as soon as possible, but I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen till after I head back home.

Oh, and excuse that lame white border. The Autostitch panorama app makes great panoramas, but only if the photographer doesn’t suck so much that he doesn’t take wide enough photos to fill out the corners of a panorama.

The Week Before Finals

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Taken at 4:30AM (and edited shortly thereafter) this morning, all with my iPhone. I’ve recently taken to using my phone for photos, because it’s a lot more convenient, there are some pretty great (if not somewhat gimmicky) photo applications for it, and I don’t like skating with my camera every day. My balance/luck is not good enough. On a long enough timeline, disaster is sure to strike.

Anyway, here’s a few other photos taken and edited on the phone.

Money money money. Taken outside 动物园, which is the Beijing zoo. Nobody goes to the zoo, but everybody goes to the cheap clothing markets just across the street. It was driven by some 小白脸儿 (Chinese for boytoy), dressed like a moron. Lucky for him he doens’t have to care because he’s driving an effing Ferrari.

Also, I found some longboards in Beijing a long time ago. Shitty quality, 2000+ RMB.

I’m so glad I brought my own.

But back to life–I’ve got a ten-page paper to write, ten days worth of missed class and the obligatory homework that comes with to catch up on, and what I think is a gum infection.

I’m really going to miss China. For the five weeks I’m back in America.

For Those of You Who Speak Chinese….

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This collection of photos, sent to me by a Chinese friend, are made up of Chinese characters or words, but drawn to depict their meaning. If you don’t follow me, then for example, the picture of the dog farting is made up of the characters 狗屁, meaning dog fart, or bullshit.