It’s Been A Long Time Coming…

…but as Aloe Blacc (who covered Sam Cooke) so soulfully put it, change gon’ come. I have neglected this blog for so much longer than I ever meant to. It feels like this is not the only thing I’ve been neglecting–I haven’t picked up my camera or edited photos in about as long as I’ve not posted anything here. I am doing my best to change all that. This next year is going to be a very busy, very important year for me. I am in the home stretch of college, looking to graduate with two degrees, which is all fine and good, but I decided to participate in UCI’s Political Science Honors program, so the extra classes needed for that, plus the extra time spent on researching, writing, editing, and generally preparing that roughly 100 page thesis is going to take a lot of effort and tenacity, but most importantly for me, it necessitates a complete redefinition of time management. Oddly enough, that is one of the goals I hope to accomplish by participating in this program. In order to succeed in the program, I need to be able to pace myself, get work done early and often, all of which I have had trouble my entire life with. I am looking forward very much to the process.

I am back in Beijing at the moment, working at Yuantel Communications, a Beijing-based, you guessed it, telecom company. I am learning about SEO, a little bit about web design, and how it feels to work in an office environment. I am also preparing a presentation on American telecom companies’ product packaging, pricing, and marketing in order to help plan Yuantel’s future aspirations of being a world player in the telecommunications industry. So far I have learned that SEO in America is vastly different than SEO in China. The former focuses on quality content to attract searchers, while the latter still uses some of the older ‘more backlinks, more new traffic’ approach, which not only brings in less targeted traffic (resulting in fewer conversions), but these days can get a website penalized by the search engines. I don’t know what the deal with that is, because I know Baidu just updated their algorithms, and being a search engine with over 60% market share in China will not only catch, but most likely penalize ‘SEO’ like that. Which is why I plan on incorporating this into the presentation I have to present. Another thing I have learned is that sitting at a desk from 9AM-6PM every day staring at a computer makes me want to peel my face off. I have been looking into journalism graduate programs alongside the original plan to get an MBA, just in case. As such, I have started teaching myself html, javascript, and I am in the process of figuring out how to migrate this blog onto my own personal site, so I can have more control over everything that I want to control. I want to overhaul this whole thing, expand it into more than just a photoblog. I’m not exactly sure what yet, but that’s for the future to decide, not the present.

For the past three weeks though, my days can be defined exactly by this photo:

It’s 2AM now, I’ve got work in seven hours, so I’m going to crash, but hopefully this time when I say I’ll be back, I will. I’ve got months of photos to post up, and as soon as I can get a computer that will handle photo editing I will get everything up. As of right now though, my macbook can barely handle Firefox without the CPU temperature spiking to 200 degrees.


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