A Little Remembrance

I watched We Were Soldiers this morning, after reading comments by veterans attesting to its largely ‘realistic as possible’ treatment of the war as compared with many other films dealing with the war in Vietnam. While I obviously cannot comment on its realism, the events portrayed in the film of the battle of Ia Drang are ones of brutality and terror, bravery and perseverance, camaraderie and humanity, and in the soldiers a sacrifice that I do not know if I would ever be courageous enough to make. Watching it was especially poignant for me as just five days ago I was at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Seeing the over 58,000 names inscribed in Optima is a harrowing and humbling experience, and in its austerity the memorial distills down the horrors, controversy, and politics surrounding the war into the most important facet of it all–the soldiers who gave their lives in it.

From One Generation to Another

Wikipedia article describing the battle and its background: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Ia_Drang)


One Response to “A Little Remembrance”

  1. Damn this is heartbreaking–but truly beautiful

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