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This whole trip to Chengdu (成都) was originally made in order to visit one of China’s most famous tourist attractions: Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟). Whether you know it or not, you have seen pictures of Jiuzhaigou. Every tourist brochure, every book on China, and even parts of Jet Li’s Hero (英雄) all have photos (film) of Jiuzhaigou. Originally, I was going to throw this in with the Chengdu post, but I figure it is important enough (and more importantly, picture-laden enough) to warrant its own post.

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I have been in China for almost two months. That being said, I have just arrived here. I read before hopping on the plane across the world that Shanghai is China-lite; it is too modern, too fast-paced, too polluted with dirt, trash, and foreigners, to truly convey that tradition-meets-the-modern-world feel that embodies China. I assumed that whoever wrote that was another holier than thou expat with a superiority complex. Continue reading