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144A Policy Paper

Posted in California, United States with tags , , , , on July 24, 2010 by foundmeinchina

One of the classes I am taking during my summer in the U.S. is a Political Science class focusing on International Conflict. The class teaches different political theories/perspectives, such as Realism, Liberalism, Critical Theory, World Systems Theory, Constructivism, Feminism, and others, and applies them to the Kosovo conflict. In addition, we had to select a current world conflict and write a research paper, Op-Ed, and Policy paper. I selected the US/China debate over China’s renminbi exchange rate.

Here is the Policy Paper–the assignment was to summarize the research we had done on our conflict in about a page, then outline three possible policies to take in regards to the conflict. They had to be from three different political theory perspectives, and we had to provide a cost/benefit analysis, as well as projections of the possible outcomes of our policy. All in 3 pages double-spaced. That last requirement proved to be the biggest challenge.

Grade Received: Not yet known.

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