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Gulou Dajie LIVES!!!鼓楼大街不会死了!

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This makes my day month year. I was in the early stages of writing a lament about how one of my most beloved places in Beijing, Gulou Dajie 鼓楼大街, was soon to be no more. Gulou Dajie is one of the oldest of the remaining traditional hutong 胡同 neighborhoods that made up imperial Beijing. It is named after the Drum Tower (pictured above), that along with the Bell Tower 100 meters north, looms over the neighborhood, due north of the Imperial City 故宫. The two buildings were originally used as instruments, and later to tell time in the city. Here’s a link to learn more about the Drum Tower and Bell Tower’s history. Gulou Dajie used to be the home of ministers and nobles in Beijing, though now it is home to both poor and very wealthy, the former who have no money to move out of their generation-old homes, and the latter who want to hold live in a chic, fashionably traditional space (with all of the modern 21st Century accoutrement, of course).

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Photos of My Weekends

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I rarely get time to take out the Canon on the weekdays, so most of the photography I get to do is on the weekends or after work. Here’s a selection from the past few weekends/weeknights.

First, the view from the front porch of my aparthotel–yes, I live next to a smokestack; Welcome to China.

View from the Front Porch

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Little Slices of Life

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After a grueling battle, I finally beat my ailing macbook into submission and was able to get a few minutes of stuttering, 207°F CPU-temp OSX beachball editing in Lightroom before it started to freeze up. But it was enough to edit and convert some of the photos I’ve taken while here.
This post is a nostalgia post, and it is dedicated to Scott, Bob, Benny, Robert, and Lee, as these photos will mean the most by far to them. It is also in memory of my ‘son’ 烤串儿Kaochuanr,who thankfully was adopted yesterday by a milk-white lady from San Francisco who speaks fluent Mandarin. I’m so happy that he found a loving home. As of this morning, they’re doing great together, except for Kaochuanr, who doesn’t know he’s about to be neutered in a day or two.

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Pops and Porks in China

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Dad and Isbelia came to China to visit for about ten days, a few of which were spent in Beijing with me, the remainder of which were spent in Yunnan. I have a ton of pictures to go through, and a dauntingly long blog entry to accompany them, but I am entirely swamped with the ten days of missed schoolwork that I have to catch up on, so I will leave you all with this quick panorama of a Naxi village in Shangrila county, Yunnan.

Ignore that stupid watermark–I have to find some free panorama software, or pony up the cash for this Doubletake one. You get the general idea, though.

The Chinese used to be able to fly, Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-style

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That is, until the Cultural Revolution when Mao had all the ancient texts describing the philosophy and theory behind it burned.

I told that little story to one of my Chinese friends, who did actually believe me. I guess not all of them are going to rule the world in a few years. I do, however, think that Mao had books on camping burned, or at least banned. Robert and I went camping on the weekend of April 1st with the Camping Club at BNU. I think we were the most experienced people on the trip.


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A few weeks ago, I bought isopropyl alcohol to clean my skateboard bearings. Beijing is a very dirty, dusty city, with chronic sandstorms blowing in from the Gobi and down from Siberia. The dust gets everywhere–it is much more work than I think it is worth to try and keep the dust off of everything, which works out great for me, because Scott doesn’t follow the same logic. Therefore, I get a pretty dust-free house with little to no effort on my part. Win for me.

The dust and grime mean that skate bearings with a normally 3-month lifespan last four to six weeks if you are lucky. Which is why they need to be cleaned. Bearings are best cleaned with mineral spirits, but failing that, isopropyl alcohol will work just fine. So I bought two bottles of 95% isopropyl.

Unfortunately, I have still never cleaned my bearings. Instead, we used the alcohol for this:


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Dealing with the Homesickness

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Let’s face it–there’s only so many times that I can eat 宫爆鸡丁(or as Panda Express and us 洋鬼子,or foreign devils, like to call Kungpao Chicken) before wanting to fly to America for a damn cheeseburger. The Chinese have so many “Best Hamburger in China” hostels and 老外-owned restaurants, but they STILL have that Chinese flavor. Ugh. Seeing as how it’s not possible to fly back home to America, or to have Carl’s Jr. send over a weekly care package of Six-Dollar Burgers, we have taken to bringing America to our stomachs.

The most recent addition to the battle against our nostalgia was a collaboration between me and Bob–I did the cooking, and Bob did the taste-testing.
Onion Rings

These were at least as delicious as they looked. It also amazes me the profit margin on onion rings. Those towers of onion rings at Red Robin are somewhere between $8-$11USD if I remember correctly, and it is less than half an onion, with some batter and oil. In fact, we were talking about opening up a restaurant that catered to every type of American food for the homesick. Texas BBQ, onion rings, GOOD hamburgers and steaks, hot dogs, and mint chocolate ice cream.

Ah, the musings of the drunk.