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A few weeks ago, I bought isopropyl alcohol to clean my skateboard bearings. Beijing is a very dirty, dusty city, with chronic sandstorms blowing in from the Gobi and down from Siberia. The dust gets everywhere–it is much more work than I think it is worth to try and keep the dust off of everything, which works out great for me, because Scott doesn’t follow the same logic. Therefore, I get a pretty dust-free house with little to no effort on my part. Win for me.

The dust and grime mean that skate bearings with a normally 3-month lifespan last four to six weeks if you are lucky. Which is why they need to be cleaned. Bearings are best cleaned with mineral spirits, but failing that, isopropyl alcohol will work just fine. So I bought two bottles of 95% isopropyl.

Unfortunately, I have still never cleaned my bearings. Instead, we used the alcohol for this:


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新年快乐!年年有余!恭喜发财!And All of the Other Cliche New Year Sayings…

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The past few weeks back in China have been so exciting. Fresh off of my New Year’s resolution to not waste any time sitting idle in Beijing, and with an inordinately long winter break to take advantage of, I have done more in the past two weeks than I did in months last semester. School has been out for me since December 22nd of last year, and I do not start back up until registration takes place on February 27th. I am planning a trip for the remainder of the vacation, much to the chagrin of my bank account, since it is the last time I am going to have a break until I come back from China. I will keep a travelogue, pictures and all, and this time it won’t be too backdated, I promise.

This entry is exceedingly difficult to write, as Beijing is currently being shelled. By its own people. Shrapnel hits my windows in regular intervals, and the room is lit up from the strontium, chromium, and potassium reactions taking place thirty feet away from my head. It is, after all, Chinese New Year.


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