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Breaking the Cycle: Henan

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My normal life here in Beijing has been somewhat different these past few weeks–I went on a trip to Henan province from 11/6-11/9–the so–called 所谓 ‘cradle of Chinese civilization’, where the remains of China’s first dynasty, the Shang dynasty, were discovered. The Shang was not a dynasty in the sense of the Han or the Qing–back then China was primitive, with different societies in different river valleys with virtually no contact. But what do you expect from life in 3-2000BCE? Anyway, Luoyang, the capital of Henan, was one of the four ancient capitals of China (中国四大古都, the other three being Xi’an (then called Chang’an), Nanjing, and of course Beijing. Luoyang is now a mid-sized city, but its history is still very very rich. Originally, I was not too excited about going to Henan–there are so many other places in China that I would rather see–but given the EAP travel budget, Henan was as far as they could take us. Turns out it was a lot of fun. It was the first time that I got to meet the other UC EAP students, which was nice–the more friends the better it seems like, and despite my seemingly iron resolve when I arrived in China to not speak to any white people, it gets very tiring very quickly constantly having to think in Chinese. Having some fellow AmUHRicans to hang out with is a nice respite from the asian-ness of Asia.

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Boddhisatva, Shanghai Museum

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