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Paris Pt. 2

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Which really starts at Versailles!

Quick sidenote: I know it’s been exorbitantly longer than I said it would take me to finish the second half of my Paris trip. I’m sorry about that. Sometimes I just, you know, get very very lazy. Sue me.

Between the gin and tonics and The Offspring, I’m sure the wheels of writing have been sufficiently greased to grind this entry out. (Notice that alliteration–I have just proved my aforementioned point!)

Anyway, let’s get this over with.

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Do I Count as a Jet-setter Yet?

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I have been on fifteen airplanes from seven different airlines in as many months. Many of these have been domestic flights within China, and several have been international flights. The days of excitement and anticipation of boarding a plane, possibly getting a chance to meet the captain and see the cockpit (though in fairness, it was 9/11 that took that anticipation away from me), and even the anticipation of the chicken-or-beef meal gamble, have all long since faded. Flying now is like taking the subway, except you don’t have to fight for a seat. All of my recent air travel has taught me one crucial lesson, however–American-run airlines, at the very least United Airlines, are more outdated than all but the Wright Brothers’ Wright Flyer.

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