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Gulou Dajie LIVES!!!鼓楼大街不会死了!

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This makes my day month year. I was in the early stages of writing a lament about how one of my most beloved places in Beijing, Gulou Dajie 鼓楼大街, was soon to be no more. Gulou Dajie is one of the oldest of the remaining traditional hutong 胡同 neighborhoods that made up imperial Beijing. It is named after the Drum Tower (pictured above), that along with the Bell Tower 100 meters north, looms over the neighborhood, due north of the Imperial City 故宫. The two buildings were originally used as instruments, and later to tell time in the city. Here’s a link to learn more about the Drum Tower and Bell Tower’s history. Gulou Dajie used to be the home of ministers and nobles in Beijing, though now it is home to both poor and very wealthy, the former who have no money to move out of their generation-old homes, and the latter who want to hold live in a chic, fashionably traditional space (with all of the modern 21st Century accoutrement, of course).

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Breaking the Cycle: Henan

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My normal life here in Beijing has been somewhat different these past few weeks–I went on a trip to Henan province from 11/6-11/9–the so–called 所谓 ‘cradle of Chinese civilization’, where the remains of China’s first dynasty, the Shang dynasty, were discovered. The Shang was not a dynasty in the sense of the Han or the Qing–back then China was primitive, with different societies in different river valleys with virtually no contact. But what do you expect from life in 3-2000BCE? Anyway, Luoyang, the capital of Henan, was one of the four ancient capitals of China (中国四大古都, the other three being Xi’an (then called Chang’an), Nanjing, and of course Beijing. Luoyang is now a mid-sized city, but its history is still very very rich. Originally, I was not too excited about going to Henan–there are so many other places in China that I would rather see–but given the EAP travel budget, Henan was as far as they could take us. Turns out it was a lot of fun. It was the first time that I got to meet the other UC EAP students, which was nice–the more friends the better it seems like, and despite my seemingly iron resolve when I arrived in China to not speak to any white people, it gets very tiring very quickly constantly having to think in Chinese. Having some fellow AmUHRicans to hang out with is a nice respite from the asian-ness of Asia.

Hold on tight, this one’s a long one…

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Hello from the Capital. Beijing is to Los Angeles as Shanghai is to New York. The nearest subway station is farther than the distance of two stops in Shanghai, but I guess that makes sense, given that Beijing is some three times bigger than Shanghai. Additionally, everything is more spread out, the crowds are more sparse, and you can’t seem to walk down the street without some tourist-type asking you to take pictures of them in front of some famous building. I like how it feels like home.

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This whole trip to Chengdu (成都) was originally made in order to visit one of China’s most famous tourist attractions: Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟). Whether you know it or not, you have seen pictures of Jiuzhaigou. Every tourist brochure, every book on China, and even parts of Jet Li’s Hero (英雄) all have photos (film) of Jiuzhaigou. Originally, I was going to throw this in with the Chengdu post, but I figure it is important enough (and more importantly, picture-laden enough) to warrant its own post.

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I have been in China for almost two months. That being said, I have just arrived here. I read before hopping on the plane across the world that Shanghai is China-lite; it is too modern, too fast-paced, too polluted with dirt, trash, and foreigners, to truly convey that tradition-meets-the-modern-world feel that embodies China. I assumed that whoever wrote that was another holier than thou expat with a superiority complex. Continue reading

Chengdu: Home to the National Treasure

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It hates noise.

We went to the Panda Breeding Center yesterday. On a tour. With a bunch of foreigners. We heard many things, most of them to the effect of “I am vehemently against keeping animals in small cages, but this is for their own survival, so I will step down off of my soap box now.”

I beg to differ.

Any animal that won’t screw to save its own species is making a pretty obvious statement, I think. Ironically, we saw many many pandas humping things other than fellow pandas. Reminds me of seventh grade, when it was cool to hump things that weren’t girls. They are cute as all hell, though.

More pictures abound if you decide to
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View Out of 414

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IMG_1098, originally uploaded by jubbis18.

I like the lighting.

30 second exposure.

Taken Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel.